Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Careline - back to the future phone #carelinesp

Careline is a new phone design from Vtech.   It has large buttons, simple controls, and retro styling.  I remember when it came out of the box a month ago as a review model.   I thought had done a little time travel back to the year 2000.

The phone was easy to set up, and I didn't have to get a magnifying glass to read the display.   The buttons, mentioned above, are not smaller than my fingers, so I actually get where I want to go the first time.   Finally it has four fast-dial buttons.   Boy, have I missed those!   Having to hit a combination of keys for "fast-dial" is way beyond what my technology-averse husband can deal with.    At least he put my cell on  button number one.     Besides the phone, there is a pendant that you can carry around the house that will call the base, or the first two numbers that are save on the base unit.

We tried to figure out the best place in the house for the phone.    In the kitchen?   By the couch where we watch TV?   Upstairs in the bedroom?    Nope - the new nerve center of the house is now the computer.    The speaker phone came in handy first.   My husband, a certified senior citizen and rabid technophobe,  had to spend some time on the phone straightening out some of his prescriptions.   He hit the speaker button, and was using  the Internet and talking on the phone.  

Then he went out to shovel snow, and left the Careline pendant in the house.   (He thought wearing it around his neck was too girly.)   He took a fall and managed to crawl back into the house.    When I got back an hour later  he told me about the fall - and confessed he hadn't used the pendant.   His cell phone was too complicated to use.    I rolled my eyes.   What can you say?

The next day we had more snow.   This time the pendant went with him.  It's Michigan - there is lots
more snow coming our way, and now the pendant is part of his snow wear.

Disclosure:  This post was written while participating in a campaign by for the  Vtech Careline Telephone Home Safety System, and Momisageek received compensation for participation.  All opinions stated within are my own.  (Aren't they always!) 


  1. I so totally get this and can relate. It really is a great phone system, if you actually use it. LOL

  2. You guys really tested the limits of Careline's phone. I absolutely love this review.