Thursday, March 21, 2013

Easy Speaker phone cuts down on the yelling #carelinesp

Have you ever tried to have a cell phone conversation with someone slightly hard of hearing?   And totally averse to technology?   I swear, by the time I finish one of these conversations everyone within two city blocks knows all my business.   And I sound like a total lunatic.

In my house, I now send my senior husband to the Vtech Careline Telephone Home Safety System.  The safest part of the system is that he can't lose it somewhere in the house.  We put the main unit  right by the computer where we already had a phone jack from pre-historic times when you used dial-up to get to the Internet.

 He was trying to look up information about seniors accommodations at Disneyland.   I was trying to tell him what to do as he kept putting the cell phone to write down what I said.   I suggested he use the speakerphone on the his iPhone.  (Don't get me started on how easy the iPhone isn't for him)  He couldn't find it and hung up twice.

So I went on the Internet to the Careline support site and pulled up the picture you see above.   This time when I called back  I sent him to the Careline phone by the computer.    Pick up the receiver.   Hit the orange button.   Put the receiver down.   Yeah!  No more yelling.

Making that button orange was a great design choice.    Maybe even a little bigger would be better.   As for the pendant . . . for us it might be good to have that orange also so it stands out against the snow.

Disclosure:  This post was written while participating in a campaign by for the  Vtech Careline Telephone Home Safety System, and Momisageek received compensation for participation.  All opinions stated within are my own.  (Aren't they always!) 

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  1. Nothing beats a good example of this phone's benefits. Good job.