Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Smoke break and pump breaks - an update

In my rant on smokers getting preferential treatment over breast-feeding mothers, I got a chance to tell my daughter that she was becoming a great person, and relieve a little of my personal outrage over that treatment.    Blogs have a lot of the advantages of a good therapy session.  

She sent me an update which I encourage you to read because it's funny.   She was right about how she should be treated, and she changed the practice for future nursing mothers.

Someone needs to make a movie about her.  Hello, Lifetime?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Sometimes you say the right thing

Talking to an adult child is always a tricky thing.  You have to tell them what they need to hear, but not always what they want to hear.   And you can't ground them. 

I remember one particular time when my mother said exactly the right thing.   I told her I was getting married to someone she had never met.   She said, "I'm sure you made a good choice."   Wow.  Maybe she spent days practicing that, but it sure came out at the right time.

My daughter, also a blogger, did a post on things not to say to a new mother.    Very funny, but a little blue, but totally on point.  Especially the very last section what people should say,but don't.  And guess who said the right thing?

Me,that's who.  I rock!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Smokers get breaks, but breastfeeding doesn't

My daughter is a new mother.  She pumps at work, and at home, and it isn't always easy.   Her employer recently told her she had to clock out for her break when she pump. 

Smokers, however, do not have to clock out, because "it only takes 5 minutes."  First of all, iIf her workplace is following legal regulations
  • the employees must smoke outside.   
  • The smoking area must be at least 25 feet from any entrances and exits.   
So these track stars with the lungs coated with the residue of tobacco smoke are going to make it out of the building (usually about 100 feet), to the designated area (25 more feet),  smoke, and return in 5 minutes with an Average walking speed of 4 ft per second. 

Really?   The Internet says the average time to smoke a cigarette is 6-7 minutes.  Unless they have the cigarette in their mouth and are lighting up on the way, and puffing like the Magic Dragon, that is not a five minute break.  And that does not even consider the health issues.

Well, she's fighting this unfair policy.   I am so proud.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dress up online - My virtual closet of Barbie-ready perfection

Want to put together outfits online?   That's right, you can even plan your wardrobe on the web.  The Fashion Assistant site lets you put together outfits, create a virtual closet, and share the results with your friends.

It's like playing Barbie and never having to pick up those tiny shoes out of the carpet again

Friday, June 8, 2012

How Sharing Computers is like Sharing a Toothbrush

Techmama's article on families needing a tablet and a computer got me thinking.  Is there really a need for a family computer any more, or has tech in the family progressed so that the shared computer is a dinosaur.

In my family, as the title suggests, I wouldn't share a computer with the other members any more often than I would share a toothbrush.   Computer settings and preferences can be a very personal thing, and I hate trying to figure out who has been messing with my stuff.

Conversely, if I don't touch the computers of the less technical members of my family (who shall remain nameless to reduce the threat of possible retaliation - to me)  they can't accuse me of doing "things" to their computers.   And I don't get frustrated having to use a computer that has issues.

It reminds me of getting in the car after my husband has been driving.   I have to raise the seat, straighten the back, move it forward - and then start driving.    Sometimes I am too lazy and just stretch and point my toe to accelerate.    What is the best time save is - he drives when it is his car, and I drive in mine.

Just like the computers.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

App-Tastic - Wikihood

One of the challenges of travel is finding out local information.   Finding a guidebook for a major city like London, New York, or Berlin is easy.   But there are treasures in many cities that even a local might miss.

My new favorite is Wikihood - a smartphone app that finds wiki articles about points of interest near you.  It's like the lovechild of my Garmin and the AAA guidebook in tablet interface.  

You let the app find you, and you will get a map with those red dots that indicate a place to visit.   Tap on the dot brings up the wiki article.    Often it will give you times the attraction is open, or a link to the official site. 

And it's free.  Don't want to miss it

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Facebook Turns Your Likes into Ads

Think it is harmless to push that "like" button on Facebook?   Well, your face and comments are being turned into ads for the products you like.  This article gives more detail on how Facebook has the right to do this.

Your friends will get ads for products with your face and comments formatted as an endorsement.   Many companies have been encouraging "likes" to get discounts, or as sign-ups for contests.   Personally, I found the begging someone to "like" you was a little demeaning.  I feel almost like a middle school mean girl, deciding whether I like something or not.  But turning my feeble like into an ad is like going to third base when I thought we were maybe shaking hands. 

So now along with an "un-friend" button, we really need an "un-like."