Thursday, November 1, 2012

iPad Mini - Very good things come in small packages

Not being a rabid Apple fan girl I can usually resist the Apple hype.  But the iPad mini - it really hits so many of the features of my ideal tablet I had to try it.

I do own a "new" iPad, occasionally known as the iPad 3 to everyone except Apple.  Calling the third in a series of products the "new" iPad has to be one of the most ridiculous naming decisions I have ever heard.  It  almost seems like Apple wants people to be confused about what they are buying.    And what accessories are compatible with what.   I am happy to have a retina display, and the last version  of iPad with a 30 pin connector which connects to EVERYTHING.

But the size of the screen keeps me from truly loving it.   I just can't take it everywhere like I can my Kindle Fire.    Plus doing simple things like putting my photos into folders requires an app.  (at least there is one now  available)   And putting a mixture of files like documents and powerpoints and music and pdfs in to a folder so you can access them together - very complicated.    I would like to occasionally to use the iPad as a large USB drive with screen attached, and editing capability.    All those cutesie apps and games are not where the value is for me with the iPad.

Enter the mini iPad.   Now I have something I can hold in one hand.   Unlike the Kindle Fire, 3G access is available (at cost of 125 bucks, but at least I have a choice).    As much as I like my Kindle Fire, I hate that the smaller version has no 3G, and I am always searching for wifi to move content to the device.   It is better than having to use iTunes to move content, but still a hassle.    The original Kindle was the first tablet style device to let me buy or down load a book anywhere.   The Fire was a throwback to the bad old days having to plan ahead and load the device with content.      I hate having to track free wifi in strange cities.    Airports and hotels have wised up - data access is as big a moneymaker as dessert and soft drinks at a restaurant.   (And you though they really cared that you saved room for dessert!)

So my new mini is on order . . . the 3G version doesn't ship til mid-November, and I can't wait.

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