Sunday, August 8, 2010

You Can't Get There From Here - adventures in Ohio

As part of the Chevy Blogher roadtrip, we got to drive new Traverse from
Michigan to NYC and back. When you are in a new car, or one new to you, you don't always know all the buttons and dials and features. Especially how far your car will go when the arrow is on empty.

We weren't trying to ignore the gas tank. We had every intention of stopping at the next service plaza. In fact, I almost remembered in time. We were just ten feet past the service plaza exit when I realized the indicator was on empty. I should have taken a better look at that plaza from the front.

We took the next exit. Looking out into the night over central Ohio, we saw no lights. No worries, we could call OnStar and find the nearest station. And maybe how big the tank was so we would know how much trouble we were in.

The friendly operator came on the line and found us two gas stations about 3 miles away. Then he called the stations to make sure they were open and sent our vehicle directions. Awesome - we were all set.

Then we started following the directions. Turn right and we headed onto a narrow road flanked by cornfields. No houses, no lights, and no gas station.
Then a few more turns took us by a few houses, not many lights, and definitely no gas stations. Finally the last turn direction was given and OnStar announced we were arriving at our destination. OnStar was absolutely right.
There was a gas station there and it was open.

It was the service center we had missed on the turnpike earlier. We
were on one side of a fence, and it was on the other.

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