Thursday, August 19, 2010

Eyewitness to a drowning

Grand Haven, MI

A beautiful sunny day on the beach turns into a gut-wrenching moment of life and death.   The bystanders stay at a respectful distance as the rescuers attempt to revive  a swimmer.  

Crowds of bystanders gather at tragedy, but on this day it was not for entertainment, or curiosity - these bystanders were there to help.  In the absence of lifeguards, the beachgoers banded together to pull an elderly couple from the grip of a riptide.   While the group was trying to pull the victim from the current, more than one of us called 911, ran to the ranger station, and cleared a path for the emergency vehicles. 

Among the group was an emergency room nurse and a pair of EMTs who applied chest compressions on the beach until the rescue squad arrived. 

The victim didn't make it.  More than one unanswered prayer was said on that beach this afternoon.   But the bystanders did more than just - stand by. 

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