Friday, August 6, 2010

Blogher - Learning the ropes in the sponsor room

What happens when over 2500 women come together in New York City to talk about their passion for blogging? There's a whole lot of Internet posting going on for sure. The hotel wireless network feels the pain and so do the attendees.

As first time attendees to one of the biggest bloggers conventions, we don't always know what to expect. But we are learning the ropes fast. Today we learned about the exhibit hall. I was expecting a more technical venue with website hosting firms, maybe some software and even some computer hardware. Not even close! The exhibit hall is all sorts of firms that want to connect their products with women who are going to tell their friends about it online. We are getting a preview of products that will be available this fall, and even contributing to the design of new products.

So guess what Jimmy Dean is coming out with? A turkey sausage on a stick wrapped in a maple-flavored pancake like a corn dog. You can eat a breakfast of only 160 calories while walking around or driving the kids to school. (Note to my local stores - stock this! It tastes awesome, and lets me have one hand free while eating.)

How about the Chevrolet Volt? As roadtrippers sponsored by Chevrolet, we got very special treatment at this booth. I got to talk to the engineers working on the car design and share my thoughts about interacting with an electric car. For example, you can schedule the car to charge from your smartphone with an app. You check the "fuel" level, and other maintenance. The engineers, women by the way, talked to us about how the charging works. I still didn't see a place to put my purse.

In our conference bags we got new flavors of sugar-free gum (mint chocolate chip ice cream, yum), new cleaning products, and samples of toys coming out this Christmas. Even the morning shows in New York (Lifetime, Today, Martha Stewart) came over to listen to our thoughts.

Blogging - it's the new word of mouth.

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