Sunday, August 1, 2010

Countdown to roadtip

That's right - 2 days to go before our Chevolet roadtrip to Blogher. I'll be live-blogging and networking and hopefully collecting loads of freebies. Thanks to Chevolet sponsoring 10 carpool teams, my team will be riding in style in a Traverse crossover vehicle. Besides ONSTAR and Bluetooth, it has XM radio so I think I will skip packing the tunes and will surf the skies.

I have Audible books on my iPhone, podcasts, and of course Twitter/email/Skype. One device and I am set. Now if only I could find a make-up kit that was this multi-featured. Imagine is you could update your make-up wirelessly, with the new colors showing up automatically based on season and your preference. Have one applicator does foundation, eyes, brows, blush just by clicking to the right setting?

High tech = low maintenance

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