Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The cloud in your pocket

Every once in a while I browse Amazon and find things I didn't even know existed. Today I found a thumb drive that has Wi-fi. I thought to myself - who wants that?

Then I read the comments on the reviews. The wi-fi thumb drive is a way to add storage to devices that do not have SD card slots, or USB ports but DO have the ability to connect to wifi. And the answer to my question was - I want that. Now!!

Both my iPhone and Fire could play movies, except I have to keep downloading the media to the devices. (I hate downloading) I could stream from the Internet, but I am not always in free wifi. With these devices I can stream movies from my own local mass storage to these two devices that have no USB ports.

I have 64 gig iphone which is nifty except for the the fact I had to use iTunes to transfer. As I mentioned before, I find using iTunes as pleasant as sticking needles in my eyes. So now I can watch on the iPhone without transferring, and the Fire - at the same time.

Can't wait til it gets here.

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