Saturday, February 18, 2012

Burn CDs and record music with your computer - from a thumb drive

Every few years the tools for burning CDs and recording get better and better. Since I seem to switch computers every few years whether I want to or not, I spend a lot of time re-installing software.

My new preference is to use "portable" apps that run from a thumb drive. These do not need to be installed, so you can carry them with you. You simply unzip the applications to individual folders on your drive, and then execute (run) them from the thumb drive. I carry an alternative to Acrobat Reader (PDF-Xchange), portable Skype, and a few music tools. Here are some of my favorite music tools.
  • Cd burning Click here to down load Tinyburner.
  • Record audio Click here to down load Streamosaur, to record anything playing from the Internet or coming through your soundcard.
  • Tag and rename audio Click here to down load Tag Scan, which will help you rename your files and tag them with track and album information. The tag information helps you choose which songs to play on your portable device.
  • Edit audio Click here to down load Wavosaur, which allow you edit audio. This can be used to combine tracks, shorten, or create clips.

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