Saturday, August 30, 2014

Amazon rules, Microsoft drools

What a nightmare!   As much as I love my Surface Pro 3, the experience of dealing with the Microsoft store would put off buying any more there.

It might be 2014, but the Microsoft store still requires that you call  a phone number and talk to a person to request a return material authorization.   So first you have to navigate a voice menu, to talk to someone whose first and second language are not English after waiting in a queue for the privilege.

And then they start walking you through the script.    Instead of an electronic logon to your account, like the Microsoft store did when you ordered, to return you have to recite all the information they already have stored on you back to someone on the phone.   Your customer service representative and I use the term “service” loosely,  repeats it back to you, incorrectly, in a heavy accent.    For your protection, if you manage to successfully communicate your email address on the account, then they must “verify” you. 

If they wanted to “protect” me, they wouldn’t make me read off personal information to someone on a voice call.     Everyone within earshot would be able to break into my Microsoft account for sure, and maybe a few others.     

For my protection they send a code to my email.   I need to access this email on the same phone I am talking on.   If I am using a service provider that does not allow me use data and text simultaneously,   I will need to disconnect the call to retrieve new email.  If I disconnect the call, I will need to be, wait for it, re-verified when I call again. 

If their goal was to make people give up on the returns process, and not return items, this experience will do that.  I won’t return anything to Microsoft store again – because I won’t buy anything from them.  Amazon, I love you. Truly I do.  Easy to order, easy to return, no sales tax, and it shows up in 2 days.   I promise I won’t cheat on you again.  

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