Thursday, September 27, 2012

Kindle Giveth, and Kindle Taketh Away - Paperwhite is an Epic Fail

Amazon has come out with their new models of the Kindle.  My sister gave me my first Kindle (the original!) and I have been hooked every since.   I go everywhere with Kindle - even reading on my iPhone, or computer when I don't have the Kindle with me.

The yearly announcement of new Kindles is like Detroit bringing out the new models of cars.  New styling, some new features, maybe some colors - and a bigger faster engine are typical of both announcements.  Usually I want to test-drive all the models to see what to put on my Christmas wish list, and shopping list.

Instead of one nifty model with all the bells and whistles, there are five , and none of have all of what I want. The Kindle Paperwhite added a light, increased the price, and removed a great features of Kindle Touch - the audiobooks.   With more money, you can get 3G and no ads, but still no audio.  Epic fail.

Based on this, I am shopping eBay for the now defunct Kindle Touch (with audiobooks and no ads and 3G), and keeping my first generation Fire.    Hurry and get yours before only new models are availalble

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