Monday, July 30, 2012

Getting Gorgeous Gets It Right for a Blogher Party Invite

One in a series of posts about Blogher 12 in New York City

In a previous post I advocated a couple of distribution  systems for the Blogher limited attendance events.  I will have to give Getting Gorgeous credit for a distribution system that really did reach out to a wide cross-section of bloggers.

They issued invites for 2/3  of the slots, and had 200 slots open for the general blogger population.   Inviting 600 bloggers to your sessions - so impressive.   Opening it up with warning, so bloggers did not have to put life on hold to get in - also classy.

Of course I still didn't get in.    I had already wasted too much time Twitter-stalking and had turned Twitter off.    When this extremely humane system was announced I was focused on getting my real life in order so I could attend Blogher.    I am a Coldwater Creek One Creek customer and half my wardrobe is CC, so I was sad to miss out.

On the other hand, my opinion of the Getting Gorgeous crew is extremely positive.  I actually enjoy reading their tweets.    They're still on my list of bloggers I want to meet, greet, and learn from.  So t@verasweeney and @gettingorgeous please tweet me @momisageek.    I am turning the Twitter stream back on for conference week.

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